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What is hypnosis?
It is a pleasant, voluntary, state of relaxed attentive concentration, an altered state of consciousness, during which the conscious critical mind is relaxed and relatively inactive, and the doorway to the subconscious, inner mind is opened with a person’s permission. In this comfortable state, suggestibility is heightened, mental absorption is increased, the senses are heightened, and the imagination is activated in a controlled manner. The inner mind is more receptive to acceptable, beneficial suggestions.



 Can a person be hypnotized against his will?
No. You cannot be hypnotized against your will. You must be a willing subject. Your hypnotist must have your full cooperation.



Will a hypnotized person perform any anti-social, criminal or immoral acts while in hypnosis?  

No. People who are hypnotized will not do anything in hypnosis that they would not do in the waking state. This applies as well to sexual acts. Hypnosis is not a master-slave relationship. When you are in hypnosis, you are aware of everything that is going on and you continue to retain your values and morals.


 Will I be asleep?
No. When a person is in hypnosis, he is not asleep. He or she is very much aware of all that is going on. In actuality, in hypnosis, one’s senses become heightened and more acute. Of course, if a person is tired, it is possible to fall asleep during hypnosis. However, then, the subject is asleep and no longer in hypnosis. In actuality, when this occurs, the state of sleep is a light but relaxing state of sleep. A simple suggestion to wake up given by the hypnotist is all that is required to rouse up the subject.



 Is it possible that a subject could not be brought out of hypnosis?
No it is not possible. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis because you do not lose control when you are hypnotized. Hypnosis is a cooperative relationship. When you are hypnotized, you retain full control over your mind and your body. Sometimes, people feel so relaxed and comfortable in Hypnosis that they may wish to remain in that state for a little longer. Most importantly, you can come out of hypnosis any time you want.


 Will I tell any secrets under hypnosis?

No. Hypnosis is not a truth serum. You retain full control over what you say. Subjects in Hypnosis reveal no secrets in the Hypnotic State that they would not reveal (because they want to) in the Waking State.



Who can be hypnotized?
Anyone who can pay attention and follow instructions can be hypnotized if they want to be. People will vary however, as to the extent or depth to which they can be hypnotized.



What about the idea that some people are just not hypnotizable?
Anyone who can daydream can be hypnotized if he is willing. Nobody can be hypnotized against his will. If a person is not willing to cooperate, he cannot be hypnotized. However, the idea that some people are just not hypnotizable is INCORRECT. Some people may initially have problems with feeling that they may lose control in some unacceptable way. This may lead them to intellectually second guess and over analyze what is going on. Thinking too much will interfere with relaxing enough to enter trance.




Penny Robinson

There's nothing like the feeling that comes when a client reaches their goal! For me it's a joy to be able to make a difference in people's lives.


For almost 20 years, I've been using hypnosis to help people get where they want to be and I

want you to know that there is hope for the concern that brings you to me.


I've come to the practice of hypnosis from teaching and counselling. I have a B.A. from Queen's University and an M.Ed. from The University of Toronto. Because hypnosis is a

huge field of study, I am continually learning

new skills in hypnosis.

Quick and Effective Techniques

I often add these techniques to our sessions: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT- a kind of "psychological acupressure"), and one or two  energy methods.

Occasionally I use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), in    which I was certified in 1999.

5 Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis (5-PATH) is my predominant hypnosis method.

I customize sessions to suit every client's individual needs, background, and personality. Your success is my success!

How a Session Typically Goes

The first session involves taking a history of the issue, how it affects you, what you want to gain through changing.

Next is a detailed explanation of how the mind and hypnosis work together.

If it's appropriate, we do one of the quick and effective techniques.

The last step is the hypnosis experience.

This session lasts about 2 hours.  Following sessions run a little under 2 hours.



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