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   Virtual Gastric Band

       a weight loss technique developed by Sheila Granger

Mind over matter


Gastric band hypnosis aims to convince clients they have had the restrictive mechanism fitted in the stomach, change how they think about food,

and influence

 small, realistic changes to eating habits.


The therapy is about developing a healthy, natural weight control system, based on the natural biological signals of eating when hungry and

stopping when full, rather than forming an emotional attachment to eating. Hypnosis can address emotional and psychological issues at the

root of an individuals’ ultimate need to begin – and continue – overeating.


A thorough consultation establishes the client’s current eating habits, and identifies any problematic areas such as comfort eating, not being

able to leave food on a plate, even if full, large portion sizes, unhealthy cravings, and so on. The hypnotist will discuss relevant areas such as

healthy eating patterns, mindful eating, and exercise, before setting goals using visualisation techniques, for example, the client imagining

themselves looking slim and healthy in a certain item of clothing.


Changing mindsets


During the gastric band ‘procedure’, the client is initially guided into hypnosis by the hypnotist, until they reach a point of deep relaxation,

where the hypnotist can access their subconscious and increase the person’s susceptibility to positive suggestion. The hypnotist then takes

the client descriptively through the operation step by step - from the journey on a trolley to the operating room, being put under anaesthetic,

to the incision, the application of the gastric band and the stitching to close the incision.


The use of hospital sounds and smells can be recreated to enhance that experience, such as the smell of antiseptic and the beeping of a

hospital heart monitor. Although the therapy is tailored to each client, therefore reducing the potential for any distress, gastric band hypnosis

is not suitable for clients with a phobia of hospitals, so any fears/phobias need to be established prior to treatment.


Although the client remains aware of what's going on around them, through the subconscious mind  the boundaries of what is real and pretend

are blurred so that imagining the surgical procedure can influence real physical responses. Everyone experiences different effects from gastric

band hypnotherapy, with some people experiencing the sensation of physical tightening in their stomach, while others are unable to identify

any conscious connection to the ‘surgery’, but are naturally eating less.


Following the gastric band procedure, subsequent sessions combining hypnotherapy, NLP, energy techniques, such as guided imagery, metaphors,

and certain aversion techniques, help to release any emotional blockages and reinforce the new way of eating.


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