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"At 50 years of age, I never thought my fear of flying would go away. After my sessions with Penny, I now have no issues with air travel.

I have always had suffered with anxiety - Penny was able to unlock childhood trauma and helped me come to terms and move forward in my life."  H.M.



”Thank you for your help with quitting smoking. I am still not smoking. Still doing great and enjoying being able to smell and taste so many things again.”

C.C. (after 12 months, smoked over 40 years)



"After years of trying to solve my insomnia problem via alternative methods, I decided to try hypnotherapy. I have had 5 sessions with Penny, and was very impressed with her honesty and sincere desire to help. She is very attentive and easy to speak to. I didn’t start sleeping better right away, but the sessions gave me additional tools of working with the underlying cause of my sleeplessness. Every evening before going to bed, I would listen to a guided visualization to relax my mind. Now, a year later, I do get much better sleep, at least 4-5 hours in a row (as compared to only 1-2 of continuous sleep earlier on); and I am still working on it. Thank you so much, Penny for all your understanding and help."




​"I had had a severe phobia of snakes since I was five years old.
Penny was recommended to me. She made me feel very comfortable and established a trusting relationship quite quickly.
After five sessions with Penny, I am now able to be around snakes quite comfortably.
I am very grateful" L.J.



"My husband and I recently took Penny's hypnobirthing course in preparation for our son's birth. Penny was an excellent teacher who was incredibly knowledgeable. The course was hands on and thorough and she always gave us practical homework which really prepared us to create the labour we wanted. I ended up having a natural birth while delivering a baby that was over ten pounds! What is more surprising is that I actually would say that most of the labor was relaxing and enjoyable. I am certain that Penny's teachings prepared us for the incredible experience we had. I would recommend her course!”  O.T.


"After 11 months of unsuccessful attempts to treat mosaic plantars warts that covered the entire ball and heel of our then 7 year old child's foot, we were at our wit’s end.
Our child endured 11 months of painful canthacur treatments, naturopath remedies and numerous home remedies (duct tape, turmeric paste, tea tree oil, banana peel, etc.) and nothing was working.  The only things we hadn't tried that were listed were hypnotherapy and Bowens Therapy.
Despite our personal biases, we willingly brought our child for treatments, as we felt we had nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Penny came referred to us from a reputable source and we proceeded to their first session with an open mind and observed the sessions thru from the beginning to the end. Our experience was nothing less then remarkable.
Within one month of undergoing 3 Hypnotherapy appointments and 2 Bowens Therapy appointments, the warts were completely gone --- one year and counting without a trace. The results and changes that our child experienced from morning, to noon to night, were miraculous.

Had we known what we know now, we would have started with this approach and saved our child unnecessary pain and discomfort. We will be forever grateful for the instrumental role that Penny held in clearing up the mosaic warts now and forever."

K.D. M.





Just a quick update to let you know that last Sunday I reached four years as a non-smoker. Thank you for helping me achieve my goal.


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